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Wholesale & Retail

Since 1998, we've been helping entrepreneurs realize their goal of selling online. Whether you're hoping to sell digital downloads, physical inventory, or subscriptions and memberships we can customize a solution to fit your specific needs. Running a business takes a lot of time and that is why we streamline the administration of your online shop. Our custom online commerce solution enables the staff at Club Vapor to quickly add, edit and update products as well as maintain their online promotional content and store inventory.

In addition to the robust administrative capabilities web designed and developed the Club Vapor website on a responsive framework which enables visitors to view and purchase products no matter which device their using. Designing a site to be responsive and mobile first also improves its Search Engine Rank Placement (SERP). And with our automated Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features you'll be on your way to the #1 one spot faster.

Current Features:

  • Configurable product catalog includes catalog pages and a block to display product categories.
  • Flexible product creation system.
  • Multiple product image support.
  • Flexible product attributes system.
  • Basic product stock level tracking and notification.
  • Product features to add file downloads, role promotions, and more to products.
  • Single page checkout.
  • Automatic account generation (anonymous checkout).
  • Customer and administrator checkout notifications.
  • Simple order processing (with workflow for automated order processing).
  • Simple order creation and editing.
  • Integrated payment system that acts as a bridge between acceptable payment methods (check, credit card, purchase order, etc.) and payment gateways (CyberSource,, PayPal, etc.).
  • Shipping quotes and fulfillment, including integration with UPS, FedEx, USPS.
  • Sales, product, and customer reports.

Screen Captures

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Online Wholesale & Retail
Online Wholesale & Retail
Online Wholesale & Retail
Online Wholesale & Retail
Online Wholesale & Retail
Online Wholesale & Retail