About Our Company

Our mission is to provide a more personable multimedia service along with the highest quality business solutions.

Intrepid Network Inc.

Intrepid Network was established in 1996 (then Intrepid Designs), by Josh Utley, President & CEO, who holds 26 years of real-world experience in the multimedia industry. Previously Josh worked for Global Horizons - a $10 million a year international apparel company, ManTech - a government services corporation with budgets averaging $1 million per project, and start-ups with varying project budgets and industries.

Our Focus: Multimedia Services & Business Solutions

We focus on your unique and specific needs. Together we will discuss those needs and your goals. Intrepid Network will meet with you to Identify your goal(s) and discuss the needs of your business -or- organization. At this meeting, we will discuss the project budget for each phase of the process. We will then put together a Statement-of-Work that outlines how we will meet your needs within your budget with an estimated launch date.

Our Preferred Content Management System

Drupal is an open-source creative web design software widely used by high-profile businesses and organizations, such as The White House, NASA, MTV-UK, and Yahoo Research. It is a Content Management System application that enables rapid creation, management, and publishing of content on the web in a steady organized manner. The cost of web design can be high whenever a Content Management System (CMS) is needed.

The Technology Behind the Scenes

Intrepid Network Inc. develops custom software and dynamic Web sites using Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, and more. This includes, but is not limited to, automated systems software, content management systems, and e-Commerce functionality. For more information about why we develop using open-source please refer to this article, written by David A. Wheeler, or ask us how it benefits you.


Intrepid Network, Inc. is extremely grateful for all the recognition we receive from our clients, colleagues, and the community.