San Diego Automotive Museum

San Diego Automotive Museum
501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation

The Mission of the San Diego Automotive Museum is to tell the story of the social and technological past, present, and future of motorized vehicles through its collections, exhibitions, and educational programs.

As fellow automotive enthusiasts we were excited when the museum reached out to us about their Drupal website which was in need of some TLC. We jumped right in and put out some fires so to speak. The website was in need of module and core updates. Website functionality was diminishing due to neglect much like running an internal combustion engine without oil, it will only run for so long before it grinds to a halt.

After we finished restoring the website functionality and performing some much-needed maintenance it was time for some improvements. We added automatic database updates, upgrade the PHP version, and removed some outdated modules.

While we continued the process of updating functionality to improve performance we were asked to bring the look & feel of the website more in line with how the museum looks today. During our design meeting, we listened to the new CEO's vision and goals for the future. When designing the mockups we incorporated his ideas into a timeless mobile-first design with an emphasis on user experience.

Many hours of research were put in to see where the auto museum stood next to its peers. It became clear to us that professional photos and videos were needed to convey what the museum has to offer. Through several days of shooting, we captured enough imagery to support the promotion of the museum and its fundraising efforts for the next year.

The San Diego Automotive Museum, which is located in San Diego's beautiful Balboa Park, has big plans for the future, and Intrepid Network is thankful to be a part of them. Together we aim to achieve an online presence that meets today's expectations and supports future ambitions.