Video Production & Editing

Are you looking to stand out in crowded social media? Did you know video is the key to doing just that?

Intrepid Network films events, venues, remodels, businesses, shows, commercials, sports, and anything else you need. We use multiple cameras for a variety of angles. Video quality is important to us which is why use 4K cameras to capture every detail in a crisp and versatile format that allows us to crop and create smooth pans, pushes and pulls to guide your audiences eye to where you want it go. We can provide up to four angles of a single scene. Audio is recorded in 5.2 channels surround sound from our primary camera (Sony FDR-AX100). No matter the lighting conditions, day or night we can handle it.

We have produced several promotional videos for the Ocean Beach MainStreet Association which are published on their website, YouTube and social media channels.

Video formats can be for promoting events, products or services as well as customer and client testimonials. Each channel has its own length and file restrictions for videos. Our videos are produced to adhere to each individual channels requirements and is edited to have maximum impact for each channels audience.

  • YouTube videos are limited to 12 hours in length and the file must be less than 125GB.
  • Facebook videos are limited to 45 minutes and the file size must be less than 1.75GB.
  • LinkedIn videos are limited to 10 minutes in length and files size must be less than 5GB.
  • Instagram videos are limited to 60 seconds in length and the file size must be less than 50MB.
  • Twitter videos are limited to 45 seconds in length and the file size must be less than 500MB.

Videos are uploaded to these channels in HD format 1280x720p and are available in various other high resolutions formats including 4K format. Should you wish to provide your video to a broadcast station we will need their format requirements. If you need a liaison between your company and your local broadcast media outlets we can facilitate that for you through one of our marketing agency partners.

If you need assistance setting up your YouTube channel and integrating it with your website contact us and we'll guide you through the process. Intrepid Network can even design & develop your website to meet today's industry standards of responsive design and performance. Let us help you reach 10's of thousands of people on Social Media and the Web.

Promotional Video Award

Promotions Award

Ocean Beach Promotion Committee

For producing the outstanding OBMA 40th Anniversary Timeline Video.