Board games… with a fun, unique USAopoly™ twist.

USAopoly Featured Blog PostWe first started working with USAopoly™ when we were contracted to design and develop a stand alone website for their award winning game Telestrations™. When working with brands that rely on first impressions a website's uptime becomes increasingly important. A reliable website hosting provider is a key element to reliability in hosting.

Hosting is not as simple as you may think. A lot of factors go into determining how much your hosting will cost. How many people visit your website, how much bandwidth you will have and how much storage you need are all factors. Additionally you will need your server to perform and that is not what you will get with a lessor solution. We've endured the head aches so you don't have to. Let Intrepid Network guide you in determining the best and most applicable solution for your business needs.

In addition to hosting most websites these days are built on a CMA (Content Management System). Almost every website we design & develop is built to allow our clients to edit, update and add content themselves. This is not the same thing as having to use a website development tool like Yahoo site builder or a more advanced tool such as Dreamweaver™. Each website is custom built to meet the clients needs. Our custom content management solutions offer the ability to apply system checks to ensure files are the correct size, text meets minimu length requirements, all data is entered and more. We automate the workflow and apply rules to ensure its followed. This lessons the training needed by the end user. In fact the average time for getting your employee up to speed is less than one hour.

Our website feature advanced automation that can run daily or even hourly depending on the tasks to be accomplished. Some but not all of these robust automated features are; SEO, database backups, meta data generation, search engine submissions, scheduled content publishing/unpublishing, work flows, update notifactions, etc.

As Uncle Ben said, "With great power comes great responsiblity" and as such the technology behind these great website features available to us today requiremaintenance just as our cars do. A website is vehicle to take you places and even to show off to others. You want it to look great and run great. If you don't change the oil and tires though it will simply degrade over time and eventualy stop working all together.

Maintaining a CMS website is not as easy as changing tires though. It's more like changing a transmission or upgrading engine parts. That's why we offer and highly recommend contracting with us to make recommended and security updates to the core system and contributed modules. As time passes developers improve or upgrade module to meet other modules requirements or to protect your website against security threats, hackers, etc. I've been called upon to repair poorly developed websites who have fell victim to SQL injection hacks. It's a very time consuming operation to restore a website after an attack and without the proper system backups sometimes impossible.

We were very pleased when USAopoly™ not only asked us to maintain their Telestrations™ website but also contracted with us to maintain! It's a pleasure working with such a creative company and the free games are a nice fringe benefit as well.

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Board games… with a fun, unique USAopoly™ twist.
USAopoly™ Gaurdians of the Galaxy
Board games… with a fun, unique USAopoly™ twist.