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Josh Utley, CEP & President of Intrepid Network, Inc.

Intrepid Network was established in 1996 (then Intrepid Designs), by Josh Utley, President & CEO, who holds 21 years of real world experience in the multimedia industry. Previously Josh worked for Global Horizons - a $10 million a year international apparel company, ManTech - a government services corporation with budgets averaging $1 million per project and start-ups with varying project budgets and industries.

Utilizing the latest technologies and leading open source software and commercial tools Intrepid Network helps clients with all their Web site development, design, programming, graphic design, video production and photography needs. Utilizing these and other technologies, Intrepid Network proficiently designs & develops projects on time and within budget.

Whether Intrepid Network is producing a Web site, content management system, incorporating an eCommerce package into a Web site or developing an online instructional course, Intrepid Network's clients are always pleased with the outcome. Quality, performance and professionalism are what Intrepid Network have to offer you. You can be confident your project will be completed on time and with no hassle or unforeseen challenges.

If you're wondering who the "Network" is? It's Josh, his employees, his colleagues, peers, clients and you. Networking is how businesses succeed and the more Intrepid you are the greater your success.

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